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Células Durmientes - Sleeping Cells - is a group of people who believe on cultural activism, that we like to call cultural terrorism. We are all expert in communication and each of us has experience and formation in different fields: social intervention, international cooperation, arts, project management, etc. This group is totally open to those people who wants to join our cause, which is none other than activism for social transformation, inclusion and equality through creative exploration and dialogue (opportunities).


Framed in the strategies of social movements that defend equity, respect, feminism and tolerance of all people regardless of their social status; this association aims to promote interculturality and gender equality through social action projects, cultural management, sensitization campaigns and educational intervention. It is aimed to empower youth and communities in order to find the tools to enable them to transform their own realities. As it is said, the organization believes that the key for transformation is to encourage effective social behaviour and values to make citizens responsible within their daily day and engaged within their communities. In general, our projects have as the main goal, to offer a common safe space where the people can feel free to express themselves, to share skills, experiences and ideas, and where the equal relation between us brings the opportunity for dialogue and deep understanding.


This association has been involved in international exchange projects that includes educational trainings as one of the main goals. Our organization has already participated in several european trainings, also as trainers; and now we are about to launch our first project WeMen.

Apart of it, all members have personal and professional experience in local and international projects in the field of arts, education, youth training and international cooperation. The wide individual experience working in differents projects around Spain and Europe, includes different frames such as gender and intercultural awareness, conflict resolution, adaptability for people with functional diversity, community mediation, migrants and refugees inclusion, feminism action and arts projects.

A lot of the activities that they have done involve technology tools as the way to communicate, to access to information and to promote participation. Storytellings, poetry, use of internet, movies, theatre, music and other different tools have been included on our way to promote a deep understanding of global issues and cultural identity.


Araceli Sanz  (Spain)

Ara is a simple girl who likes to be in touch with people. After she finished her studies in communication; she worked in Italy as a journalist reporting african news, and in Ireland as a cultural manager in a theater center. Once she returned to Spain she studied socio-educational entertainment, which enabled her to develop workshops, activities and shows with people from different nationalities and ages. In addition, her passion for art and culture has led her to visit some parts of her country as an accompanying guide. However, what she is most proud of, is her work as a social journalist and project coordinator in a NGO international project in Ghana.

Andrés Sánchez  (Spain)

Andrelo is a free soul. He finished his communication studies in 2010 and began working in a puppet company called ‘Maldito Martillo’, after two years he developed his own puppet workshop
Titiritrash and start with musical projects such as WavesOlasOndas (plankton music) and Oso y Cierva (now Osodrilo, a cumbia Djying show). Lover of cultural management, he has organized several events in his town bringing so powerful artist. Also, he performs improvised poetry
shows (Poesía Automágica) as well as rap (MidSide Noise and Horno 22).
You can see all his universe in PIPAS DE COCO.

Laura Fuertes  (Spain)

Laura is a passionate about cultural diversity, that is why appart from her background in communication she is Master in Immigration and Interculturality and MA in Cultural Policy and Project Management. After been living in Serbia, Ireland and Germany; she has acquired enough tools to provide awareness and deep understanding between people with different socio-cultural horizons. She is also a community mediator and group facilitator getting involved within different NGOs and projects. Currently, she is working as a non-formal educator with children and families in risk of social exclusion.