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Our friends from Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORM send us this self-care, reflection and community participation toolkit created thanks to the ideas and contributions of all the projects participating in CORE.

The CORE project has been created from the need to reflect on the role of individuals in modern society and the desire for new tools to build compassionate and empathetic communities, in which the needs of individuals are in harmony with the needs of larger groups. The project is designed as a self-exploration process that leads to understanding a broader context of our responsibility towards others. During the 9-day training course, 30 young workers from 10 European countries will investigate themselves in a group context and build awareness of their emotions, values ​​and needs, in order to develop a sense of civic responsibility. We will adopt the perspective of the community, feel the power of unity and unlock the creative potential to generate commitment, empathy and responsibility in each individual.



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