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It is a training course designed to create space for youth workers to explore the topic of emotional regulation. During the project the participants will learn to recognise, identify and understand better their emotions, improve self-awareness, and develop skills for maintaining emotional well-being. This course equips individuals with valuable tools to enhance emotional intelligence and foster healthier relationships while reducing stress and enhancing overall mental health.

The programme is designed to help participants understand, manage, and express their emotions in a healthy way. For that we will use a variety of techniques inspired by somatic practices, mindfulness, art therapy supported by theoretical inputs from positive psychology and neuroscience. The combination of knowledge and somatic methods will lead to a deeper integration of body and mind, which is the basis of the
embodied learning model. We will explore those topics by engaging in activities inspired by:
– dance, movement & body-work,
– somatic movement methods,
– artistic expression,
– mindfulness & meditation,
– other non-formal education methods.

The project will take place between the 10th to the 17th of March in POLAND

To get more information, read the infopack HERE

And if you are interested on participating, please complete the form before the 15th of January HERE

Any doubts, write us an email to


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